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Stand Waste Container approx. 50 L

Model 7039-50

Upgrade your waste management with the Disposal Bins With Stand – Model 7039-50, featuring round garbage collectors with a square tube post designed for secure embedding in concrete. The two-piece post simplifies ground anchor installation, making container replacement or removal easy. For added convenience, opt for the single-piece post.

This bin boasts a Ø 150 mm dropping opening, secured by a triangle lock, riveted internally and additionally protected by a lock case, ensuring both accessibility and security. The lid, featuring a stable internal hinge, adds durability. With a perforated bottom for efficient water drainage and the option for garbage collection in the drop-in container, this bin offers a practical and functional waste management solution. The package includes the described two-piece post with a ground anchor and the metal triangle wrench, DK8, for effortless unlocking. Elevate your space with the Disposal Bins With Stand – Model 7039-50, providing versatility and efficiency for a cleaner environment.