Epsivol shelving is a long span storage solution for bulky items up to 3 metres long, with a load capacity of 1,500 kg per level and 4,500 kg per bay. With 9 types of beams available, this shelving system offers maximum optimisation of product storage according to weight and volume. The beams can be easily added, removed or repositioned without dismantling the entire structure.

Easy to assemble, the Epsivol shelving system is suitable for the storage and manual handling of medium duty items in your storeroom or workshop.

With load capacities of 1,500 kg per level and 4,500 kg per section, and frames up to 8.5 metres high, our Epsivol shelving system can be combined to create a wide range of installations on one or several storeys.

Choose from a wide range of beams (rebated, tyre-holding, rectangular, etc.) and shelves (chipboard, melamine, sheet metal, wire mesh and tubular) for maximum customisation.