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Model Zurich

Corrosion-protected, individually manufactured steel structure with a gable roof in the longitudinal/transverse direction made of laminated safety glass and variable side elements.

The unmistakable characteristic of the “Zürich” model series is the classically shaped, transparent gable roof – a shape that has been tried and tested for centuries and which drains snow and rain evenly. In the “Zürich” it can be found in the longitudinal or transverse direction, depending on your choice and suitability. The corrosion-protected steel supports can be arranged variably, so self-supporting designs are also possible, which are suitable as shelters or roofs for bicycle parks. The versatile system also works well as weather protection for shopping carts or carports. There are also design options for the side walls, which are made of toughened safety glass as standard, and for the color scheme. All types of fastening are possible on request. Extensive range of accessories.

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