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Shelter Jena Maxi

Model Jena Maxi

Introducing Model Jena Maxi: a sleek and protective roofing system with a hot-dip galvanized flat-roof steel structure. Choose from 2.25 or 4.67 sqm footprint, offering ample space for various applications. The high-quality corrugated PVC back and side walls provide optimal protection against wind and weather, making it ideal for smoking shelters in diverse settings.

Affordable and quick to deliver, the Jena Maxi comes with optional stand ashtrays or waste garbage cans. Designed for self-assembly and dowelling, it includes a foundation plan and assembly instructions. Opt for the “Jena Maxi” variant with double the space for added versatility. Benefit from a cost-effective and stylish roofing solution that ensures both protection and aesthetic appeal.

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