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Model 4700 XBF

Comfortable leaning system with secure adjustment brackets, leaning brackets and steel eyelets to protect even the highest quality bikes from damage and theft.

Particularly secure, vertically arranged adjustment brackets, plastic-sheathed lean-to brackets and steel eyelets to protect even the most valuable bicycles from damage and theft – these are the distinguishing features of the 4700 XBF lean-to parking system. This makes the safe parking of even the highest-quality vehicles such as pedelecs and e-bikes with tire widths of up to 64mm even more convenient. The 4700 XBF ensures particularly easy parking with its extra-wide wheel spacing. The steel round eyelets integrated in the lean-to brackets make connecting and disconnecting particularly easy and safe. In sum: maximum parking comfort for your customers, employees and guests or yourself. The alternating low/high setting saves valuable space. The system is prepared for floor mounting and row connection. Floor mounting brackets are included.

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