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Model 4000 BR

Space-saving parking system with extremely high parking brackets and two to twelve parking spaces for extra-wide bicycles up to 55 mm tire width. For self-assembly.

The Standparker 4000 offers space for bicycles with a tire width of up to 55 mm. The wheel distance is 350 mm. The extremely high adjustment brackets prevent the bicycles from buckling and the associated damage to the rims. At the same time they provide a connection option for locks. Parking is staggered in height or, if desired, on two sides to save valuable space. The parking space depth is approx. 1,850 mm with one-sided wheel setting and approx. 3,200 mm with two-sided wheel setting. Quickly delivered by parcel service and self-assembled, bicycle parking systems can be set up for modern bicycles with wider tires. Floor anchors and floor mounting brackets optionally available as accessories.

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