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BikeHub Economy

The space-saving BikeHub double-decker parking system with adjustment brackets, leaning brackets and steel eyelets has gas pressure springs for comfortable adjustment.

Our double-decker parker allows you to park twice as many bicycles in the same area if space is limited. The robust, corrosion-protected steel construction with aluminum support rails is ideal for parking at your company or residential complex as well as for long-term use in public spaces. The leaning and adjustment brackets are individually adjustable, making the double-decker parker suitable for all frame sizes and making optimal use of the available space. The robust lifting aid with gas pressure damper ensures that even heavy bicycles can be adjusted easily. An anti-theft device optimized through a variety of connection options ensures that even high-quality bicycles can be parked without any concerns. Suitable for tire widths up to 55 mm. Wheel spacing up to 500 mm.

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