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Bike Box 3

Stylish bicycle garage made of sturdy sheet steel, protected against corrosion and retains its value. With single lever handle cylinder lock, adjustment rail and multi-purpose hook.

BikeBox 3 keeps wind and weather, thieves and vandals away from their bikes. The BikeBox 3 is of modular construction made of robust, corrosion-protected sheet steel and provides secure and convenient space for bicycles. The BikeBox 3 is ideal for schools, sports facilities, public authorities, companies, campsites, hotels and guesthouses, residential complexes, private households or bike & ride stations – wherever even high-quality bicycles, pedelecs and e-bikes need to be parked safely for longer periods of time. A standard single-lever cylinder lock with 3-point locking protects against unauthorized access. The modular design enables the replacement of individual parts and allows the extension to in-line systems. Adjustment rail and multi-purpose hook.

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