Office container for outdoor use

R&R Solutions mobile, modular office containers for use on company premises and construction sites are flexible, versatile and offer the comfort of indoor rooms.

Office container for outdoor use

Mobile, modular office containers are ideally suited when new space for offices is needed on the company premises, but a permanent new building or extension is not feasible or too expensive. Time is money, and space is always in short supply, or it must be used exactly where it is available. This is just as true for industry and industrial service providers as it is for the construction trade.

Mobile Room Systems

Turnkey and individually planned.
Delivery and assembly by our qualified personnel.

Flexible solution

With mobile, modular office containers from R&R Solutions, workspaces can be created quickly and economically. For the project management of new facilities under construction or protracted conversions, maintenance, remodelling and modernisations, for instance. Especially on larger construction sites, easily movable office space that fits into the respective construction progress stage becomes irreplaceable.

Mobile, space saving, adaptable

Mobile, modular office containers for outdoor areas from R&R Solutions can be easily transported to almost any location and take up little space. Whether appearance, dimensions or characteristics – including the colour scheme – everything can be tailored to your needs and wishes and optimised for the respective application purpose.

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Diverse possibilities in the area of office containers

Office container in the corporate design of the company
Double-storey office container
Office container with wooden facade
Office container with facade in RAL 7016
Office container with large glass fronts
Office container on stand construction

Outdoor office container

Even though they are much more compact than “conventional” structures, mobile, modular office containers from R&R Solutions offer everything that is functionally required, including the comfort necessary for safe, relaxed and thus productive working. Air conditioning, lighting, window surfaces and doors of your choice, reinforced sound insulation – no compromise is necessary right at the location you need to be.

How mobile office containers score


Permanently secure

Quality in metal: our mobile, modular office containers are solidly manufactured with a hot-dip galvanised steel frame and of course meet the legal fire protection requirements.

Always on the spot

Mobile, modular office containers from R&R Solutions can be easily transported with forklifts or a truck with a loading crane.

Very small or very big

Anything is possible: whether single-person cubicles for supervisory tasks or multi-story administration buildings, in modular rows or stacked room modules.

Always appropriate

Optimised for your specific purpose, our mobile, modular office containers can be customised and adapted in appearance, dimensions and characteristics.

Always productive

Mobile, modular office containers from R&R Solutions offer everything required for productive work, ensuring a safe and relaxing vocational location.

Comfort and protection

Our mobile modular office containers offer lots of comfort and protection: air conditioning, lighting, free choice of window areas and doors, reinforced soundproofing, etc..

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