Gatehouses made from R&R Solutions mobile, modular room systems are more than just functional buildings with important responsibilities: they are also a premise´s “first point of contact”.


A gatehouse, also known as a porter’s lodge, performs important functions, including checking people and goods in and out and informing visitors and suppliers, for example, where to find their contacts or docking point in the company and its premises. They register guests, conduct safety briefings and often also handle mail traffic. Similar tasks are performed by a porter´s lodge, which can be the centre of an entire reception system, at entrances to non-manufacturing companies, power plants, barracks, depots or large parking facilities for cars and trucks.

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First point of contact

A gatehouse or porter’s lodge is simultaneously the “first point of contact” with a company or organisation. Not only employees, but also people visiting a location for the first time are impressed or repelled by such a building. The “first point of contact” often instils the first impression, for which, as is well known, there is no second chance. Companies, authorities and organisations can use this chance and impress with a gatehouse or a reception system from R&R Solutions from the very beginning and every day.

Functionality with feel-good factor

Appropriate, contemporary appearance, the reproduction of colours from the corporate design, a range of functions corresponding to the tasks, including windows that allow a view of everything that needs to be overlooked and guarded – all this is part of a modern “gatehouse”. The gatekeeper also feels at home in it, and it supports him/her at all times in his/her responsible task.

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Representative options for gatehouses

Modern gatehouse with individual floor plan
Bright gatehouse in corporate design of the company
Modern gatehouse corporate design with large glass elements
Simple gatehouse on stilts in corporate design
Compact gatehouse with covered door area
Gatehouse in corporate design of the company

Mobile gatehouse/porter´s lodge

Mobile, modular room systems from R&R Solutions can be optimally used as gatehouses. Despite their mobility, which allows quick, uncomplicated relocation to another site, they offer all the functions of a “conventional” structure and are also suitable as the headquarters of a complex reception system. Their appearance, dimensions and features can be customised and optimally adapted to the respective purpose of use.

Advantages of mobile gatehouses


Forklift or crane is enough

You can easily move your mobile gatehouses or reception systems from R&R Solutions using forklifts or a crane truck to where they are needed.

Versatile modules

Your gatehouse from R&R Solutions can be supplemented at any time with additional modules, for example for recreation rooms, sanitary areas or changing rooms for cyclists.

Coherent impression

By selecting the appropriate colour, you can easily adapt your new mobile gatehouse from R&R Solutions to the specifications of your corporate identity.

For comfortable work

All R&R Solutions mobile modular gatehouses are available with a wide range of equipment options such as windows, doors, air conditioning, heating, lighting as well as high insulation factors for noise and temperature.

Secure and durable

Our mobile, modular gatehouses remain mobile and robust – for years to come. This is ensured by high-quality materials and meticulous, certified manufacturing.

Quickly in place

Mobile, modular gatehouses from R&R Solutions are quickly installed on site and ready for operation without disrupting operations.

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